Sunday, May 27, 2012


We had a great weekend and still have tommorrow! We went to Ryan's farm where he grew up on Sat. The kids love the farm. Being a city girl, it took me awhile to adapt to the farm. I would always ask Ryan what he did for fun in such a little town. ha!
Ryan's grandparents are such big hearted people they have so much love and are followers are Christ.
We know that there time is getting shorter and so we want to soak up all the visits we can. The kids went fishing for the first time and they loved it. We made memories and we know the kids will always remember this day.They both did a really good. I was so proud of them. On Sunday we won't to Nebraska furniture Mart to take advantage of the memorial day sale. We needed new bar stools.
We then went to cabellas and and then out to lunch. It was a great day.


This was the tiny house Ryan grew up in.

This chicken was just taking a stroll.

Finally fell asleep. After a long struggle .

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