Friday, June 1, 2012


Happy Friday everyone! It is that time again to show all the pictures throughout the week. I love looking at all the pictures of everyone. It is good way to meet new people as well.
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I included my photo a day pictures as well. Join the fun. I love the challenge!


We went fishing over memorial day weekend and the kids caught so many fish. It was great memories .

We went to the library and Kaelis sat and read books for awhile. it was so cute.

popsciles on a nice hot day.

On the way home from a long day of shopping.

on the way to the farm, happy so far.

visiting with granny

I never really took pictures of the house Ryan grew up in. We went to the farm over the holiday weekend and I finally remembered to take pictures. I thought it was neat

This chicken kept running around the farm. It was so funny. Being a city girl, I thought it was hilarious , everybody else just went like it was a normal thing.

After a long battle, she finally gave up.

Grandad chatting it up. He is 93 and they have been married for 72 years! Crazy

I love my coffee cup!


First day at that pool.

I love the sun(and sunscreen)

She knew I was going to take a picture and she did this face. She cracks me up.

This is so true !!

Have a great weekend!!

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Brandy said...

You have such a cute kids!! Have a good weekend. :)