Friday, June 8, 2012


I am linking up with Jeanette from life rearranged for another week of instagram photos . I love instagram , it Is one of my favorite apps. Follow me @coleyclark30.

Have a great weekend.

- Cadence loves heels at 5 years old. R we in trouble? She loved when I got my wedges .

Just plain cute! (hard to focus in on a moving target)

McDonald's lunch date with the cousins.

Lemon tree for dessert . Best organic frozen yogurt.


Thinks she likes it!

Love her grins

Waiting for daddy at church.

Trying to keep her throwing a fit. Worked for just a tiny bit.

These are yummy. Have you tried these?

Summer school started and Cadence started kindergarten. She is doing really good and is having fun!

Our ac went out on the hottest day of the week . It was 90 iny house. It was awful in our house!

I love all these hats at old navy. But not sure I would wear them.

Thank goodness old navy has a really loud dog to entertain little ones.

What did we ever do when we were little without electronics?

Ready for school !

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