Friday, June 22, 2012


Happy Friday everybody. It is bittersweet day for me. It is the last day of vacation. We left my parents house and going to visit some more family for a day. I miss my family already,but ready to get back home. I think. I am linking up with Jeanette at life rearranged. Have a great weekend !

***warning ****picture overload

-Playing with Legos together. I love when I see this. It is rare at this moment in life .

On our way to nana and papa's house.

I thought this was funny.

Bathroom break(just in case you wanted to know)


I have been waiting for almost 4 months to see my nephew. I was so excited and loved on him as much as I could. So sad to leave him. I am sure it will be a year before I see him again.

I cannot Stand how cute he is!

Making a fathers day gift

The 3 dads wearing their shirts

My dad on fathers day .

Playing with Nana's iPhone. It is amazing how much a 22 month old knows about technology. She knows which folders her games are in and what her games are.

Go fish time

I was camera happy with this boy!

Our annual trip to the waterfall at a park by my parents house. It is crazy what a difference a year makes.

I am so framing this picture. This just melts my heart.

Having fun with Aunt Kristen

A trip to the aquarium.

This is called a egg yolk jellyfish. It looks just like a egg yolk.

What ya think ? Are they me?

This place had the best burgers ever.

She loved this cart at target.

She knows how to pose.

Pedi from the aunt.

Notice the look on the horse? Never noticed the look of sarcasm.


Told you I was picture happy with this boy.

I used crackle polish on my toes. Took me awhile to get use to,but I am really starting to like it.

My mom and sister went skydiving. I was really scared for them, but they said it one of the top 3 things of their life. Watching everybody doing it makes me want to do it, so I have a goal of two years to skydive in Maui. We will be there for our 10 year anniversary so why not skydive! Right?

Part of breakfast

2nd half. There was fruit so I felt better eating the donut.

Like this back wall of a restaurant

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