Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hi all,
Yea for Friday! I love instafriday. I love meeting new IG users an l love looking at new pictures!

Vintage party on Sat for the sweet 5 year old.

Captain America meets Barbie

hulk meets Barbie

4th of July service at church

Kendric was cracking me up with all this super hero madness

This is for sale, any takers?

Getting ready to see the new spiderman

She loves when she matches!

I love my new family rules canvas

Kaelis is trying to be happy while a bunch of boom is going on.

My friend Stacey(visiting from North Carolina)Watching fireworks. Love our binky toddlers

Almost made it to the end of the fireworks.

We saw so many lanterns in the sky. I was so worried they were going to start a fire somewhere.

Making a naked egg. Will post more on blog.

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Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

Your superhero pics made me giggle..especially Hulk and Barbie. I have two four-year-old boys that are obsessed with superheroes right now. :) Visiting from Insta-Friday!