Thursday, June 14, 2012

Packing for 5

We are gearing up to head to Ohio on Sat to visit with my family .It will be my first time meeting my nephew. So excited I can hardly stand it.
so packing for a family of 5 can be a challenge and I am up for one. I got a idea from my friend who is experienced in packing.
I make a list of what we will need and gather the items together. I am taking into account that I will have a washer and dryer so I know I can do laundry and they can wear a outfit again if need be.
Not sure if anybody else does this but I put an outfit and a pair of underwear in a storage ziplock bag for everyday of the week. This makes it so easy to just grab a bag and get dressed. It also keeps the suitcase organized. I can stack a lot more in the suitcase. I put the name on my sons bag and then a picture for my daughter who cannot read yet. That way she knows those are her outfits.
The kids have not gotten to try this system out yet, but I hoping it will make things a lot more easier .
Thought this might help since we are in the bust travel season.

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