Monday, June 11, 2012


Hello Monday. We had a super weekend. Friday we had our usual Pizza Friday.

On Sat we went to the Kansas city zoo for Ryan's work. It was a great time. We saw mostly everything . The kids loved it. Kaelis is anti stroller, anti sit right now so she was a challenge of course. Anybody else have that issue. I dread taking the girl anywhere in fear she will throw a fit because I am making her sit. Geesh!


These kangaroos were just out in the open and just being free. Kinda spooky, but they were harmless. Everything is a dog to Kaelis right now, so she thought the "dogs" were exciting.

On the choo choo train.

This girl wanted to be carried all the way . Really? Not good for the back and it was 90+ outside.

Notice the arm crossed, upset because brother got to go first girl? Would not be a day without a temper tantrum. Right?

Her favorite animal is the elephant so she was happy to sit on it.

And another fit, reaching for mommy.

And 5 mins out they were out!

On Sunday we went to church and just relaxed.

How was yours?

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