Friday, July 13, 2012


Hi all,

Welcome to another instafriday. I love looking and meeting other instagramers. I am linking up with Jeanette from Life rearranged.

My son had a playdate and I think the heat got to them. They decided to dress up as princesses.

-One of my favorites . Punk rocker and homey .

I love this house and would live to do this for my girls. Who am I kidding, I would love it for me.

I cannot wait to start on a project with these letters.

These carts at target give me a workout. They are big and nice, but I feel like I am going uphill the whole time.

This was my fortune on Sunday. Should I be worried ?

Bible time before bed .

We made a naked egg and it was rubbery and it bounced . It was weird.

I saw these at the dollar section at Target. Cell phone holder as a chair.

I love this and want to do this in the kids playroom.

Squinkies time . I live these, but they are so small.

I had dinner with best 31 director.

I always time it right(bit on purpose) that the sprinklers turn on right as soon as I reach the yard on my morning run.

Have a great weekend. I am ready for it. Are you?

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Ashley said...

Cute blog! So you're a Thirty One consultant? I just signed on and would love any tips you have to share! :)