Friday, July 20, 2012


Happy Friday.I am linking up with Jeanette for another instafriday. Well my husband is almost to Haiti. One more day of traveling. The kids and I are adjusting. Gosh , I have a lot more respect for those of you with traveling husbands.
Anyway, not a whole lot of pictures, but hope you enjoy the ones I have .
Have a great weekend.

-Love this saying

This was a scroll that my husband Created himself to take to Haiti . I thought it was great.

Storytime at library

He told me he was workin on his tan.

Our culdesac girls( some are missing)

I love this peakcock plate.

Love the wreath. Think I am into pea cocks right now?

Cadence was in heaven with all this jewelry .

Cooling off from the heat, a nice yogurt treat.

Stuffed on yogurt.

Ya think she loved the chocolate?

This was me after my run late morning. I thought I was not going to make it. I went later in the morning, but I stick to my before sunrise run. Too hot, I felt like I running in a swamp because of how sweaty I was.

Ready for Haiti.

Headed to the airport

I love this print and going to recover my chairs in it . Love the desk though too.

This was a picture we sent Ryan. He told us when we see h on a picture he will be tugging at his earlobe saying he loves us. So we the same.

Love my new necklace.

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