Friday, August 3, 2012


Happy Friday! This is my last Friday of summer break. Boo. My pictures for instafriday might become less as I go back to work . I will try to remember to take pictures. I look forward to looking at everyone's instafriday pictures.
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-I spy a 31 bag. Mod dot is the best.

Out with Nana and papa

Cuddles with papa

Lovey window pane words

My mod podge letters.

Love fun mail

We were already for daddy to return home.

My new favorite.

These are some yummy looking gymnists.

I love the Olympics and gymnastics is one of my favorite sports.

I could eat a whole bag of these. I love them.

Family game night

I love when I have creative ideas

I have been waiting for this book forever and was so excited when I got it. She has a blog called enjoying the small things and she is such an inspiration for so many women. I cannot wait to dive into it .

My beautiful necklace Cade for me.

Summer fun water footprints

Morning snuggles

Drinking from mommy's water bottle

This sums up the day. That was lipstick all over her mouth.

Wants to do what the big kids do.

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Candace said...

You'll LOVE Bloom! Have a great weekend!