Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Menu for the week and linky

Happy Tuesday!

It was been a rough day so far. Not sure why. I think everything just got off kilter and then it from there.
Anyway, I thought I would share my recipes I am doing this week and hopefully they are good and everybody loves them.
  I would like to start a linky up with your favorite recipes so we can all get different ones. Please share if you have one (or 2)

                                                     Mon: Crockpot Beer Chicken

From mydailydish.com

From recipe.com
                                                             Ok So I have a Porkchop dinner in the crockpot recipe on one of my boards and for some darn reason I cannot find it. Might have to make something up for Thursday.
For now I will leave you these recipes.
The ingredients for the porkchops are 6 porkchops, french onion soup and brown sugar. If you have pinned this PLEASE comment. It is driving me crazy.
Do not forget to link up yours.

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