Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our weekend

So this is the first chance I have gotten to write this post. It is crazy one school starts how busy everybody gets.
We had a good weekend, but I had something going on. Sat, Sun and then Monday.

Our church is always thinking about ways to get women together and fellowship and meet new women, find bible studies. I was asked to be part of a pinterest woman's event. I was excited to introduce Pinterest to those who did not know about it and help those that needed it.
We had a great turnout and made some fun things to take home.

Here is the set up of the event. I cannot take credit for any of it. randi is very talented and did all the decorations.

We made these bookmarks and


And tshirt scarves. Everything was super easy. It was a really great time.

Saturday night we went out with a couple from our small group. There 5 kids all together and it got it loud, but we enjoyed ourselves.

Sunday I had a 31 party I was a consultant at after church.
By the way, got these last night

I am super excited about the new products and fabrics . I have the greatest deal for you. You can get
all this for only $99 when you sign up. It is yours for how ever you want to use it. Contact me for details.

Hope everybody had a super weekend.

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Carolyn said...

A Pinterest party--great idea!