Thursday, September 6, 2012


TGIF !!! Yay for the short week, but I am ready for the weekend . We have a combined birthday party for Kendric (sept 4th) and Kaelis(sept 21st). We have a bunch of friends and family coming. So I am getting pumped up for that. I am linking up Jeanette from life rearranged .

I love all this office stuff at Target. It is so fun! I will also go broke in the process.

We had 2 birthday parties this past weekend. One in Sat. In the pouring rain. I was muddy from head to toe.

Birthday girl

Party #2 outside again

Making a craft

She loves her daddy


He is so into ready right now!

Wanting to go potty, but does not get the concept. Poor gal

Cadence did her hair by herself and I thought it was pretty darn good! Watcha think?

Big girl in booster seat. No more highchair. Sadness.

Happy birthday morning.

Birthday pancakes made with cake mix. It was so yummy !

I love my alphabet apple tree.

I decided to do a gratitude journal from an app from my phone.

I love these lids! I can do so much with them.

Sleeping beauty

I love the help! It was on too!
Have a great weekend.
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Marla said...

So how do you make pancakes with cake mix? How fun and looks good too? Just make the batter like normal and pour them onto the pan like pancake batter?

And love the apple tree!