Friday, October 5, 2012


Can I get a shout for Friday!
I had a case of the stomach flu monster and feel so much better on this Friday! Thank goodness. I thought I was dying.

-think I need anymore watches?

Makes my coffee morning drinking much more fabulous

It was our anniversary on Tuesday. Looking back 8 years ago.

Cat chasing mice

I added a little Halloween to my wreath.

I took this ugly pumpkin and used some if this

And created these

I love my Halloween mantle

Candy corn and coffee grinds sensory tub for school

My helpers making dinner

Love my screen savor

Oh happy mail, you my day so bright!

                                                                          Iam linking up with life arranged.

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Shauna Nosler said...

MEee tooo have tons of watches :) And how impressive using your phone to post!! Also checking in to see whose still out there and trying to clean up my reading list – stop by The Flavored Word when you get the chance 