Monday, November 5, 2012

Dayspring devotional countdown

Every year around the holidays, I always want to do sometime of count down,but have never found the right one.
  When I read on The macs blog about the dayspring 12 day count down,I knew I wanted to do this one.
 This one we did at thanksgiving and I forgot to take pictures of the Christmas one.

What I like about it is that it is very easy and visual. It goes into enough detail,without going overboard.
  I love how the kids are so excited to open a drawer and read about the day and what it means. December is a month I wish I could just freeze. It goes by so fast and Christmas is over in a blink of an eye. The kids are so excited and they always like to see the number subtract for the countdown.
The hussle and bussle of the shopping and the crowds.Being surrounded by family, eating good food and then feeling so full.


 There is a drawer at the bottom of the calendar that holds the tiles for each of three holidays: Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. Based on the number written on each tile you place it in the corresponding number drawer in the countdown.

The picture on the tile matches the picture on the corresponding story page. Again, the storybook is perfect for preschoolers. There is a verse to read, a truth or something to pray for that day, and a question to ask your child.


At the end of the countdown, it shows a picture of the Holiday.
I cannot wait to get started. Head over to Day spring and buy one. It will be worth it.

What kind of devotional or count down does your family enjoy?

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