Friday, December 14, 2012


Happy Friday!! Friday means another week of pictures. I am linking up with   Jeanette over at Liferearanged.

After nursing everybody back to health I got a case of it. I was miserable. It was awful.

He came out in his doctors coat to make me feel better the day we were both sick.

-such a bug girl drinking out of a reg. cup.

Doing some shopping at old Navy and she loved this dog every time. She was given it kisses, and I am cringing because of all the sickness going around.

Learning to read .

This milk is so good !!!

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1 comment: said...

Oh, my gosh -- all your elf scenes are hilarious! I had to pop over from Life Rearranged because your curly-headed girl matches my own youngest's hair :). Happy Holidays