Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sickness and fun with elf on the shelf

Gosh! What a week we have had. We have been dealing with the stomach flu since last Saturday. I am so over this. It has hit every member of the family except for Ryan. He could still get it though. It is so bad. It takes about 3 days to recover from it. The kids felt fine one day, and then the next threw up again. I am just glad it will be over and done with before Christmas. I still feel yucky at times.
This is going around like crazy . Our school had half the school out. About where you live?

On a good note, we have had fun with Jake, our elf on the shelf.
I am always wanting to come up with new ways, but it gets harder. I found a couple of iPhone apps that give ideas, so I was excited about that .
Hopefully we will be back to health soon!


I am also linking up withMisty over at acrossandownalittlebit for the first 25 posts ever on my blog.

Here is my 5th post.  Here is my 6th post. Go link up. It is really fun to look back.l

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