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Homemade granola

I am always on the search for after school snacks for kids. I found a recipe on Pinterest. Where else would I look?!My kiddos love them

1/2 c. honey or corn syrup {I used 1/4 c. of each}
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. peanut butter
2 c. quick oats
2 c. Rice Krispy cereal
1/4 c. ground flax seed
1 or 2 T. wheat germ {optional — and I did not add this}
1 c. total of your favorite mix-ins {I used chocolate chips, but you could also mix and match dried fruit, nuts, seeds, etc.}



In a small sauce pan, mix honey {or corn syrup} and brown sugar.

Cook over medium-high heat until sugar is completely dissolved – stirring constantly.

Remove from heat and quickly stir in peanut butter.

Mix the oats, cereal, flax seed, and optional wheat germ in a large bowl.

Pour honey mixture over dry ingredients — mix well.

Stir in chocolate chips, nuts, fruit, and any other “mix-ins”

Press mixture into a 9″ x 13″ pan that has been greased or lined with wax paper. {I find it works best when I put another piece of wax paper on top of the bars and press down with a measuring cup.}

Let cool and “firm up” — kind of like Rice Krispy Bars

Cut into bars and store in an air-tight container. I cut mine into 24 bars that were about 1″ x 4″ {8 rows by 3 rows}. I used a pastry cutter/scraper because it cuts really straight lines — but a long knife would work just fine too.

And since I used chocolate chips, I figured it would be best to store our granola bars in the refrigerator so they don’t melt!

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