Friday, January 4, 2013


Welocome to Friday! It is my last day of winter Break. I think I am ready to get back into a routine again and I think the kids are ready to get back themselves.

Santa brought me a sewing machine because I have been longing to learn how to see. So I suppose I need to get learning .

I checked this book out to get started . We shall see how it goes .

Doing a little shopping and acting goofy.

My wreath I made for the door . I still need to make some adjustments to it.

I am beyond excited for the 31 spring catalog. Yipee !

I decided to make a letter of the week snowman for daycare.

My reader.

This was at Aldi's. I was so tempted to buy it, but decided not too.

Kaelis taking a reading break with the books at the $spot at target.
Hope you have a great weekend!

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Stephanie said...

I want a sewing machine too! Yay, that santa brought you one! :)