Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Word if the year.

Happy new year everyone. Ok, so I lost a follower and is really annoying and hoping it is because I have not blogged for a little bit. Holidays are over and time to get in the routine again.

So I decided instead instead of making a list of resolutions, I would pick a word for the year.
I have been putting social media and everything else in front of faith and quiet time and getting a better relationship with God. He should be my first priority. I always have excuses to not have quiet time and read the bible more and TODAY that stops.
Nothing is more important than Gods word.
So my word of the year is Faith.

God always has a plan, but sometimes it is not always when I want it to be. I am really focusing on just relying on him and letting go an know he will provide when the time is right!

What is your word of the year.

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