Monday, March 25, 2013

Blog look and snow

Here in about a week I will have a whole new blog look. I am really excited. I hope it attracts some more readers. I am really in a blog funk because it is not growing and I want it to grow. I know a post everyday is good,but I have trouble finding things to write about it when I do I run out of time. Any tips from those blogs that have a ton of followers?
On to another note SNOW!! It is the week if March and we have a good 4 inches on the ground. I love snow once, but more than once I begin to hate the pretty white flakes that come down and bury everything. Mother Nature or the groundhog got something mixed up. I saw the plow trucks and people shoveling and thought , this is how I do not picture the first day if spring.
I dream of flip flops and Capri pants and tshirts.
Ok, Mother Nature, time is up. New season please.
It was still a good time. The kids have a blast outside .


Speaking if Easter, I got this for Kendric. I love it and hopefully he will too.
Have a great Monday!

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Liz said...

i can't wait to see it! hurry... hurry!!!