Tuesday, April 23, 2013

31-day Experiment

I am doing the 31 Day Experiment by Dick Purnell.Growing  closer to God. I have felt myself getting farther away from God instead of closer.
 The guest speaker at the tea I was serving at last Saturday mentioned this study and gave us key factors and verses to do that were from this book.
  I love how it allows you to just think about a verse and how it applies to life and the moment your in.

He outlines a few things,
20 mins: READ...y the passage for the day, write down the following:
1: Main thought of the passage(Pray for insight)
2.Lessons you learned. How does the Scripture apply specifically to your life?(Pray for Wisdon)

5 mins: DEED..Let Christ lead you to plan one totally unselfish and loving act of kindness for this day. Pray that he will act through you to fulfill this plan in a vigourous and compassionate manner. Determine to five him the glory and praise.

5 mins:NEED... Decide what your greatest single need is for the day. Ask the lord for clear insight into your own life. Trust him for great things.

I am only on day 1 and already am enjoying it.
Dick Purnell has several other books for 31-day Experiments. I think I will do all of them.

I think it is important for all of us to get closer to God and learn more about him. There are new things everyday I am learning about him.
This is book is offered on Amazon, but I am sure any christian store would have it.
Hope you decide to take on the challenge. You will not be sorry!

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