Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boy Vs. Girl

I decided to just pick a post and publish it. It is crazy when I read all my posts, to think so much has happened and how big the kids are. I plan on doing a similar post like this, but a lot  of these still stand true. I decided to keep the pictures because they are so small!

My boy loves his mommy/then
Now/ still loves his mommy, but really loves his daddy.

The boy has the I really do not want to pretend I love my sister look.

Girl has the sassy, diva, drama ways

Girls have the I know how to pose way.

The goofiness side too

My boy and girls can be equal in imagination

My byhas the charm

My boy is a rockstar

The automactic nuture she has with babies. 

My boy has addiction to football

My girls have the style.

  I just love the difference and the similarities they love and I love them to peices no matter what.

What are the differences and similarities with you kids?

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