Friday, April 19, 2013


Have a great picture weekend!

I am trying to get creative and different with our afterwork/afterschool snacks.
Banana and cinnamon for me. Yummy

We went to go see Ryan's Granny on Sat. She does not have much longer on earth.

Hello Sun! This morning was the first day in 3 days we had sun.

I have a tea brunch at church tommorrow and this is my table setting.

I love grilling season

Like father,like son

At Preschool we made a shaving cream cloud and use pasta for the rain.

She was proud of her stright hair.

I love my theprintedpalette tshirt, I got from groopdealz

She was not feeling well one night and even though my heart was breaking because she was sick, I sure
the cuddles I got though

Apples and homemade peanut butter for my afterwork snack one day.

Glittering purse and Phone. That is all she needs

This is what I saw when I looked out the window for 3 days.Yuck.

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