Friday, April 26, 2013


Happy Friday! I am ready for the weekend.
 It's time for the insta recap of pictures.

Rice cake and homemade peant butter for my one of my snacks. Homemade pb is good.

Getting my hair dryed by the best stylist.

I gave myself a challenge and am going bread free for 21 days. It is a hard adjustment,but hopefully I can stick to it.
Any good breadless recipes you have?

This girl. I tell ya can be so darn adorable and then so ornery. She said "bye mommy, I am going to the bus stop." What? Stop growing up!

smoothies so much better with fancy straws.

my boys before going to NASCAR race. Aren't they cute?
                                                              After looking at my pictures from the past couple weeks, I need to take more pictures of the my 2 other little darlings.

                                                    Have a fabulous picture taking weekend!
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