Friday, May 3, 2013


Happy end of the week!  I LOVE instagram. I would rather look on that than facebook {almost.} I could spend hours just looking at everybody's pictures. I love that Jeannette from life rearranged started this link up. I get so excited to meet new people and follow them and have them follow me.

Grandad with K and C before the funeral. Granny use to sit next to him and after 72 years, she is not there.

My boy looking all growen up and {handsome}

school pictures

she had no idea why were all dressed up and visiting,but she was enjoying the nice weather and the attention she was getting.

He asked to sit on my lap and snuggle, Ummmm... Yes!

She fit right in. My kids love the maniquins at old navy.

Well it is snowy and cold today, yes, May 2nd. I had to bring out the big guns to entertain.

Wheat free and sugar free. Sooo good.

Grandad and Grandson

5 eggs. That is the most I have seen in one nest

These are the cutest shoes. Was thinking of getting them for my nephew.

Family fun night and goofy face

Have a great weekend!

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