Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Being a parent.

Parenting is one of the joyous things on earth, yet it can be so unprepared,so hard and so exhausting. On days when everything goes smooth and everybody is getting along, it rocks my world.
On days nothing goes right, no one is getting along,so unprepared, it makes me want to go into a little hole.
I always thought the 3rd child was suppose to be easy,laid back,no problem.... Well my third child is nothing of that sort. She is a bruiser, wants independence, very stubborn and most of the time is screaming from not getting her way.
I pray for strength and peace everyday. I pray that I will survive the day and not get uptight or impatient.

Life is a learning process and I need to teach life lessons,but I question if I am prepared to teach those life lessons, when I still need teaching myself.

When everything is calm and the day has been filled with memories , I sit all cuddled with my 3 loves and embrace the moments I have left with them. I soak in every little look and cuddle they give me.
One day it will be gone.
I will make it another day,just need a little encouragement.

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