Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday

Hello Friday! I am linking up with Natasha over at hello happiness.

1.}. I am so excited for Kaelis to get this for her 3rd birthday. She loves to pretend and cook I know she will enjoy this a lot. I will enjoy playing with it as well!

2.} I love writing notes on my napkins for my kids lunches. I love seeing the delight on their face when they told me they read it.

3.} I cannot tell you how spoiled we feel with a washer . We were without one for 3 weeks and it was not fun! Thanks to wonderful neighbors who loaned theirs to us when we needed it. Having 3 kids who are not neat and a not potty trained 2 year old makes it s much harder. I could not just throw a load in. We finally got a new one and thankfully it was under warranty still! I may have kisses the top of it when we got it. Isn't she fabulous?

4.} I was glad that our headlight was the death sentence to this big dragonfly! Look at those legs!

5.} I love how our kitty waits in the bathtub while I am getting ready every morning. The minute I step into the shower she is there until the min I leave.

Have a great weekend!

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