Tuesday, August 6, 2013

End of summer.....

August means end of summer. I LOVE summer. I love the flexablity of doing anything. deciding to go on  quick trip overnight or a day trip. Spending hours at the pool. I Love the green grass and the flowers. I love playing outside with the kids until dusk. I love the sweaty,dirty hugs I get from my kids. Just summer.
  I always get a little sad knowing the summer weather is coming to end and the packing of lunches returns, I go back to work, the homework and early bedtimes and early mornings.
I enjoy my kids being home and waking up to them every morning and being able to snuggle for however long we want and I will miss that.
  As the fall sets in, I am reminded how beautiful God made the earth and the 4 seasons. The leaves  change colors, there is a cool brisk breeze, football is on T.V and warm weather crockpot recipes are being planned.
Looking forward to another change of season and will soak up every ounce of what God created for us.

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