Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First day of School

 The day has come to send the kiddos off to school.  I have missed them dearly today! 
 The kids both got the teachers they wanted,so they could not wait to go to school. I always try to do something fun the first morning of school.  I made chocolate pancakes this morning and decorated the table with back to school things. They were surprised when they woke up and it is was worth getting up earlier to set it up!
    I love the routine we have and fall sports starting and yes, sometimes even the homework. It keeps me learning.
 I hope they have a great year filled with lots of excitement and learning.

Back to school breakfast table all ready to go

Excited about 2nd grade

Yay for 1st grade

She had to get her picture in too, all morning she said"bye mommy, I am going to school."

Meet the teacher night

I had to add this in. I love this. It would take sometime to get it all together,but it is so cute! Don't you think so
                                                                             What fun things do you do on the first day?

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