Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Financial responsibility

Ok. This is on my heart for some reason so I thought I would post about it.
I personally am always looking for more money so I can spend more money. There are always things I WANT, but do I really need them? No. I have struggled with comparing myself to people who just go and spend money on things and not think twice about it, but are they really happy or does spending money make them feel like they are happy? It's always wanting more and not being blessed with what I have.
I will use the example with lottery winners.
So many millions of people(including myself) buy lottery tickets in hope of winning instant wealth. They want to win so bad, but when they do it actually ruins their lives and sometimes end up ending their lives because of the unforeseen consequences that arose .
I then think about Solomon's wisdom and how perfect it was. Maybe it should be posted on a lottery ticket as a warning like the surgeon generals on cigarettes.
Easy money can be dangerous.
As I was thinking more and more about Solomon's wisdom it makes so much sense.
If I would put a thousand dollars in an account on each birthday or my kids birthday's until they are 21, imagine how much money they would have?
This makes me slow down on spending and actually save it so $ money does not have to be an issue every month.

How do you budget?

Money that comes easily disappears quickly,but money that is gathered little by little will grow. Proverbs 13:11. Amazing!

Would a money tree really help us?

And here are a few just because pictures.

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Lisa said...

Your post reminded me of the Lost character Hurley who won the lottery, but it ruined his life. I know what you mean, though...I need to keep myself in check! I did such a terrible job with budgeting last month and I really am dreading getting my credit card bill in the mail this month because I have to pay the consequences. Literally.

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