Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy Friday friends!
I am linking up with Jeanette from life rearranged for another week on pictures.

I love how much of a reminder my origami owl tag is. Everyday has it challenges and I think sometimes I take for granted how blessed I really am.

I made this jewelry holder and am very proud of myself. I am getting a little but more crafty.

Halloween after school snack

Monster cookies for the neighbors

I cannot get enough of this girl . She loves to pose and is so girly girl.

So this is my awsome husband who decided to dress up as hulk for his avengers themed day at work. We got up early and started painting away. It was a hit.

I have wonderful friends who like to bring me coffee and yesterday I had 2 friends drop of coffee for me at 2 different times. I was pretty hyper and jittering in the afternoon.

My three treats.

This was the group we go from our culdesac. There is still 5 missing.

Hope your Halloween was a blast.

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