Thursday, January 23, 2014

2 of my favorite things

Ok so as a working mom with 3 young kids, my life is busy,fun chaotic and not easy at times,but dinner can be a cinch using my 2 favorite things.
I love how my crockpot does the cooking. The preparing can be a process depending on what you cook,but I always do the prep for the week on Sunday and it is finished! Can I get an amen?

And then these. Whoever invented these liners is the bomb . I cannot use my crockpot without these anymore. It makes clean up so easy and fast. Kinda wish I would have thought if it. Darn!

I thought I would share a favorite recipe of mine that I cook in it.

Chicken noodle soup .
Just a classic easy recipe

1lb chicken breast boneless skinless
2 bay leaves
2 cups carrots
1tbsp parsley
1/2 tbsp thyme

8 cups chicken broth
1 package egg noodles or rotini

Put all ingredients in crockpot except noodles and cook for 4 hours on high or 8 hours on low.
Cook noodles separate and them add right before serving.
It is so good and my kids gobble it.

Now if you do not use the liners, hurry and run and get a box, you never use your crockpot without them again.


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