Friday, January 31, 2014


Happy Friday!

It's time to share pictures from the week.

I am linking up with Jeanette over at life rearranged.

Cadence has her 100th day of school last Friday and the tally marks is what she wanted. We just used colored tape. The ends were curling,which she was not a fan of,but I thought it turned out great.

This smoothie is so yummy. Greek yogurt , almond milk, blueberries ,raspberries ,banana, strawberries and some spinach and chia seeds. Blend all together and enjoy.

So fir some reason I still watch the bachelor and bachelorette . If I look past the drama, it's a good show and I love it when the couples stay together. Cadence and I were watching Sean and Catherine's wedding.

- It is so cold in the basement where I work and a lot of the time I will wear scarves to keep me warm. This one is my favorite from the Gap. Right now you get 35% off your order. Best purchase ever!

Hope you all had a great week and I am @coleyclark30 if you want to follow.

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Barbara said...

That smoothie sounds yummy! Great pictures.