Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend and Influenza

Our week started off pretty downhill. I started to have a cough on Wed and really did not think anything of it. So Thursday morning I was feeling a little worse and by Thursday afternoon I was shivering so much my knees hurt.
I knew at this point I must have a fever. I had my winter coat inside and still was cold. I decided I needed to take my temperature and it was 102.9.
I took some Advil and that got me through the evening. Friday morning I thought I felt better,but when I got up and around, I had no energy at all. I mean, it was to much work to take my pajamas off.
I canceled kids that day and layed on the couch the entire day . I hardly got up to get a drink and them I become dehydrated.
My fever was up to 103.5 and I was shivering non stop.
I went to bed early and when I woke up Sat morning, my shirt was drenched and I knew my fever broke.
Finally I was feeling better, but wanted to go the Doctor just incase I needed medicine . At this point the Doctor knew I had influenza ,but the worst was over . I hoped so! I just have a lingering cough that will not go away.,but otherwise feel human again.
Let me just say that I was never one to get a flu shot,nor my kids one, but after experiencing what I did, we all will be getting one !

The rest of Saturday was spent watching Kendric play BB and running errands we were behind on because of my sickness.
Saturday night Nascar started so we watched that.
Sunday we went to church and heard an awsome sermon.
I love weekends when we do not have to rush around .

How was your weekend?


Tuesday, February 18, 2014


We had a fast 4 day weekend. The kids were out of school on Friday because we had conferences all week so we had an extra day ton spend time with each other.
On Saturday Kendric had a basketball game and then we went to a birthday party at a rolling skating rink. Let me just tell you , that helping your children roller skate without having skates on is hard enough. Cannot imagine having skates on.
Saturday NASCAR started back up. I thought for sure I was in the clear for husband abandonment after football ended, but apparently I forgot that NASCAR starts right back up. Really? More time to go shopping is how I see it.
Sunday we went to church ans as soon as we were leaving, Cadence got sick, so our Sunday was spent at home taking care of sick little girl .
I love weekends that to not consist of things back to back and we can just take our time.

How was your weekend?

Love that face . She said she was exhausted!


Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine traditions

When I was growing up my mom always would decorate the table and make a valentines day breakfast and always left little goodies for us. I still remember waking up and being so excited because the table was decorated and candy hearts and were left to snack on.
I want my kids to have those memories and I want them to feel he excitement that I felt. I always decorate the table the night before and then cook some yummy heart shaped pancakes and leave some goodies for them to enjoy.

I love carrying on traditions.

What are some traditions for you ?


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow ,snow and more snow .

I have seen all the snow I want to see for the year. We got blasted with about 11 inches of it. Let me tell ya, not a big fan of the white stuff.
We are going on our third day of no school . Need to get creative and we are going to venture out tommorrow.
The kids love playing in the snow though. They will be out for hours and the cold will not phase them a bit and then they come in and have some hot coco to warm them up.
I have a love hate relationship with shoveling . I think I asking for a snowblower for my birthday. Yes, I am.

My hubby had black on when he went outside .

Playing checkers is always so fun

Playing with fun foam.

How much snow have you gotten?