Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Well I always say I am going to get better at posting and I do, but then I slack off again.
I have to be honest and say I use instagram more than anything else and that  probably explains the lack of posts.

 I love how this girl keeps me smiling.She will do the goofiest things at the exact time they are needed.

It's firepit season! We love gathering the neighbors and letting the kids stay up late and keep warm from the fire.

This boy is so tenderhearted. He wanted to get a beauitful bouquet of flowers for his teacher for her  birthday because she loves flowers. He melts my heart.

So I am now just starting to learn to french braid. This was my first real braid,but I still think I need to learn a few more steps.

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Have a great Tuesday

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Angie said...

I just LOVE fire pit season!