Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday tidbits

So I have been having trouble with my postings and computers so that is why not a whole lot of posting is going on. 

I had a post finished yesterday, but it would not let me post so I will review our weekend today. 

Firepit snuggles with cousins. Ryan's family came into town for a night.

Lamar breakfast 

So anybody else get this book? I was so excited when I saw the UPS truck pull because I knew it was the book. I love how simple it is and all the ideas in it. 

Hello teacher apprention week. Flowers and coffee so far. 

On Sunday the well known author and speaker Gary Thomas spoke at church about Parenting and how we need to enjoy every little moment with our children, even if it is a rough season or age. We will want that back one day. 

He also has a book about sacred Marriage and Sacred search. Looking for the right mate.

He did a marriage conference and we unable to go, but if you have not gotten these books or listened to him I Highly recommend them.