Friday, June 20, 2014


Happy Friday everybody. My most favorite social media to use right now is Instagram. I love linking up with life rearranged for instafridays. I love meeting new Instagram users.
I  am @coleyclark30 if you want to follow.

My boy is starting tackle football in Aug. I have mixed emotions about it. He is so excited, but I will worry about every fe and him not getting hurt. He looks mighty handsome I have to say

Every Thursday we go to story time. Kaelis loves going. 

I love this kitty. She picks the sunniest spot no matter where it is.

Random hose soaking nights. 

A couples months ago I became a itworks distributer and within a month mived to the next level and working on getting to the next. I was somewhat skeptical at first with the wraps and the greens, but I decided to try them for 90 days and was hooked. I truely see a difference in the way I feel and lost inches.  Let me know if interested. It's been life changing for me. They have face products as well.

Barbie playing on the deck early morning. 

Have a super picture taking weekend.

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