Sunday, September 21, 2014

Apples and chalk and fun


 To all my peeps, I will soon have a seperate page that is not connected to my blog for these activites. 
 We have been talking about Apples a lot lately and I have loved how much the kids have enjoyed it.
 We made an apple orchard on Wed and used a red and green Pom Pom ball and a clothes pin to create our apples. I have one girl who is very detailed and will take her time, then I have my daughter who is fast and just made a big strokes while using her paint. 
I love seeing the different ways each child  creates.

 A little trick I use is muffin tins for paint. 
It keeps the paint in one place and each child can have their own section or muffin 
Tin. It also helps when multiple colors are being used. 

 Here are the girls playing the find the worm game. I let each girl sort the cards and hide the worm and they each did it differently. 

In Friday we made wet chalk pictures.
We discussed how different the chalk looks when it's wet and then how does the picture look when the chalk is dry. 

Here is my daughter helping out the little ones. 

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