Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Birthdays.

Happy Monday!
  September is such a big month for us for birthdays. Kendric's is September 4th. Mine is the 14 th and my youngest Kaelis was yesterday the 21st. 
  We are crazy busy with birthdays this Month.
 We celebrated Kendric's birthday Friday night with a sleepover. We had 7 9 year old boys in the house. Let me tell ya, that is enough testeroine for one night. The boys had a blast though. 

I was ready for them to go to sleep, they were still bare chested and wide awake at midnight.

 This little girl turned 4 yesterday. Why does 4 sound so much older than 3? 
She is our fiesty, hard headed girly girl.
I love her spunk and sassyness. 
She says the funniest things. Cracks us up everyday .

Where does time go?
Stop growing up!

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