Friday, October 17, 2014

The best yes.

I am a person who likes to please. I do not like when I know people are upset with me. If I say yes.... Everybody likes me, but being a people pleaser makes life rushed.  
  If I say no, I have more time to enjoy the little things that are important.  I have been getting farther away from Jesus because I am rushing to the bus stop, I  rushing to sport events, the store. I even rush giving the kids a bath and then... Time for bed and no Jesus. 
 Working full time and having all the extra yes activities can really make me feel overwhelmed and like I am failing as a mother, wife, and a daughter of Jesus.

Lysa Terkeurst is one of my favorite people and I was thrilled when she wrote he book The Best Yes. I felt like she wrote the book for me... 

There are so many things in the book I can relate too and I circle them, highlight them, write notes about them. 
Here is one of the favorite sayings out the book. 

How true is this?  
This has really gotten me thinking, I need to think about the decisions I make and they could change my life.
I am really enjoying reading this book and it will make saying no so much easier.

If you can pick up a copy. Your life will change forever.

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