Sunday, November 16, 2014

Operation shoe box

     Ryan and I always teach our children to not be Beggers and to be happy with what they have. The Christmas Holiday is not always so happy to those who do not recieve presents. Ryan and I want to know that our kids will bless others that are less fortunate than us.
Operation Christmas box helps us show the kids how it makes them feel like they are blessing others.

                           We have been only doing 2 boxes for the 2 older kids, but next year Kaelis will do one.
                           We get items for a boy or girl and that age range they are in.
                           I love taking the kids shopping for items because they put so much thought into it.

                                           Kendric picked out items for a 9 year old boy.

                                      Some items include:
                                      Some toys
                                      Card games

                               Cadence picked out items for a 7 year old girl.
        These are just simple small trinkets that bring joy to a boy or girl which makes our hearts happy.

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