Monday, November 24, 2014

Water goal

One of my goals this year is to drink more  water. I would think working from home it would be easier to drink water. Well it is not.
Being in the basement all day and no access to water makes it tough to constantly fill up a waterbottle and chug.  
There are days that I feel really sluggish and have a headache and then I realize all I have had to drink was coffee. There are times that I do not drink anything all day. That is not ok. 
Why is it so hard to remember to do something that is so easy to do?
   Since there is an app for basically everything, I decided to get a water app that let me know how much water I am drinking and how much more I need to drink.
I Figured since I always have my phone, that would be the a great way to see how much water I am drinking and how much more I need to drink.
When the alert goes off, I just chug it! It fills me up and I get my water all at  once, instead of over time which I would tend to forget to do.

I have a big water bottle that I refill everytime I chug, but when I am out, I carry small water bottles in my purse and when my reminder goes off  I have a bottle to chug. 

So far this method has been working. I feel so much better when I am hydrated and chugging the water keeps me full so I do not feel the need to snack.
I still have to try to remember even when I hear my alert.

What tips do you have.?

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