Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Crayon initial

Since I did a post on teacher gifts , I thought I would share what I did a few agos. Thinking about making it again. 

This was a old post so the arrangment is not like they are on.
This year I decided I was going to make the my daughters preschool teachers a gift. I think it means more when there is thought put into it. I saw Crayon Letters on Pinterest and decided that is what I decided to make.

  * A big box of new crayons(or old)
  * A picture frame. I used a 8x10 one.
   * Glue. I just used Elmers Glue
   *White or colored cardstock
    *pencil and knife

 I First printed out a Letter M Printout to place the crayons on for practice and then one for the frame.
   I used a letter M with rounded edges,might be better to use one with square edges.
I started arranging them and deciding where I need to cut the crayon.

then took a pencil and marked where I needed to cut the crayon at.

I then added glue. It takes a few mins to dry so if you need to arrange some crayons you can.

   Then I began placing the crayons and figuring out what length to cut them and which way I wanted them to go. I had my daughter help me, so not sure it is exactly how I wanted it,but it is a 4 year old oringinal!
Here is the finished one. Not sure it is my favorite,but like I said I wanted my 4 year old to be involved. 
If you were a preschool teacher, would enjoy this?

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