Sunday, December 7, 2014

Date night

When Ryan and I got married we would go out to dinner, go to a movie and not worry about the time we went, when to be back. We just enjoyed the time together.

Fast forward to when we had Kendric. Boy, we had no idea that date nights were going to slow way down or not at all.
As demanding as being parents is, we forget about each other in the midst of taking care of somebody else so important.
The more kids we had and the more demanding life got, we knew that date nights would have to be a must.
Having no family in town makes it difficult and a bite in the budget, so we have to plan ahead when
Going on a date.
Now a days with 3 children that keep us so busy , we make sure once a month we go on date. We pick 2 dates that we are available and hopefully our sitter is able one of those dates. We also decide what we are going to and where so we know how much money to set aside and so we are not wasting time trying to decide where to go.
This month was Spent Christmas shopping, but we were together and had a chance to talk like adults, eye to eye ,handholding and praising God he put us together.

How often are your date nights?

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