Monday, December 1, 2014


Sometimes being a mom can be so overwhelming. Sometimes I feel like my cup is always empty and never seems to fill back up. 
 Showers are a moment of vacation until I hear that call for mommy knocking on the door, but  just sometimes I get  a rare quiet moment, but then I stop and listen because I know I hear somebody yelling, or is it a figure of my imagination?

I know I am not the only one right ?
   My children bring so much joy to my life and I love how little excites them.
 The way they yell when daddy walks in the door, the snuggles they just want.
 I find myself not enjoying them and I feel so sad, but I am so exhausted and do not want to keep moving.
  I sometimes use the iPad or tv a little longer than I should, just to have a little bit of calm.
   One day though it will be gone. I remember finding out I was pregnant for the very first time 9 years ago and now my last one is 4. 
In the moments of thinking I  am done and pure exhaustion, and wishing they were older, I have to focus on the now and know one day I will miss it. It will be gone and I will have so many moments of calmness that I will want all that Chaos back.
 This is when I  realize  the thing I need most is the Word and the lord. He is the only one that can help me. In the mist of cleaning up messes, being a referee , a homework natzi I realize how disconnected I  really am from the bible.
  I need to rely on him and read his words more. 
 I decided I need to take responsibility of my overwhelmeness and pray and get peaceful with God and everything else will fall into place and slowly my cup will get filled
   What do you do to keep your cup filled?
How do you handle burnout?
What keeps you going?


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Liz said...

It does all go by so very fast. We all experience exhaustion, though. It's normal. :) Just take each moment captive and enjoy it as much as you can!!!