Saturday, December 20, 2014

I am blank....

I had done this awhile ago and honestly the answers are still pretty much the same.

I am weird because....

I cannot sleep with socks on
I need the sheets to be cold
and the pillow to be cold

I love to vaccum
I get excited when I see the mail truck,
even if there is not "good mail"
I need the beds  to be made everyday to 
continue my day.

I am a bad friend because

 I may not always remember birthdays
I am bad at returning phone calls or keeping in touch
with distance friends
I do not make a effort to get together

I am a good friend because

I would stop what I was doing to help the
I would watch their kids in a heartbeat, eventhough I watch kids
everyday for my job
I would bring them dinner at anytime

I will listen
I will give

I am sad because...
My family lives far away
I get impatient with my children
I feel money makes me happy sometimes
I have to work fulltime
some dreams did not come true

I am happy because

I have a wonderful family
I have a wonderful husband
I have a house 
I have wonderful friends
I have amazing  children who teach me to grow everyday.

 These boots make me squeal with Joy! I have patiently waiting to find just the perfect snow boots and after the snow yesterday, I was more motivated to find them. These cuties popped up in Facebook and I grabbed them up. They only had 2 sizes left and one was mine.
Snagged them up and they were on super sale.


Liz said...

cute! i saw those boots, too, and liked them!

Angie said...

I'm totally a bad friend for all the same reasons :(