Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Teacher gifts

Since this is our last week before Christmas break, I thought I better get moving on getting teacher gifts. I have 4 teachers to buy for and that can really add up.

As a teacher myself I always enjoyed getting gift cards and that is so simple and easy. 
 I always think the way they are presented makes it even better to give it. 
Last year I gave a gift card in a mason jar and turned it into a snow globe .
 This year I want to do something different. 

I love this idea a lot. I know I enjoyed getting school supplies too. Now only to find a box like this in 4 days. Ha! 

I like these just plain and it is so easy to do. 

I have some other great ideas pinned on my board. 

What  kinds of gifts do you give teachers or like to recieve as a teacher?