Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Adoption shower

Adoption is such a wonderful moment and always a reason to celebrate.
So friends of ours that are in our small group have been waiting prayerfully for a little boy, well big boy in Sierra lone Africa. 
 After 3 years and a lot of ups and downs Moses finally got to come home. 

Moses is a very special boy. He is almost 8 and is not potty trained. He cannot walk or speak, but my goodness he gives  the best hugs. He is finally getting the help he needs and hopefully will start progressing.

Having a shower was the best way to celebrate this boy and get mom and dad what they need to for Moses. 
I was in charge of decorating. 
I wanted to something simple, but yet catchy. 
I knew globes and maps were the way to go. 

This was the food table. Simple , but catchy. Yes? 

I used the globes I had for center peices . 

All the "helpers"

I think Moses is going to be a ladies 

It was a really fun shower and I  am glad I was part of this special day. 

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Nicole said...

so special!! my husband and i met in china doing orphan care ministry stuff so adoption is totally on our radar for the future!!