Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Collage wall

I love collage walls, but they scare me. 
The bare wall is so clean and simple and pounding it with holes, makes my heart beat faster. 

This is the arrangement I am going for I think.
have been wanting to a collage wall above my couch for awhile now, but finding those just right peices has been a challenge. 
Different shapes, sizes, colors. Finding the perfect picture to put on a canvas . 
Makes my head spin. 

I love how this collage is arranged vertically. 
I  have a lot of arrangements and tips on my Pinterest board.  Hopefully I can pick one soon. There are a lot of great ideas.

Since I have most of the things to hang, now it's time to start "reminding" my hubby that the lonely wall needs some company. 

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